Julie Maree Wood is an award winning author, winning the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Family and Children’s Cookbook Australia and being a finalist in the Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards for Best Health and Nutrition book. For a sample of any of the books, click the SAMPLE buttons below for the books of your choice.


Feeding Fussy Kids

Feeding Fussy Kids combines nutritional expertise and parenting wisdom to show you how to boost your children’s diets, encourage them to adopt a healthier approach to food and move them beyond their pickiness to understand how good food can make them feel stronger, happier and healthier. The recipes focus on kids’ favourites, such as sausage rolls and chicken nuggets, which are cleverly boosted with fruit, vegetables... 

4 Week Energy Diet

Tired, listless, no enthusiasm or energy? Join the club.

Stress, a poor diet, juggling the demands of a busy lifestyle and never-ending to-do lists all sap our energy and can leave us looking ragged and feeling sluggish...

60-Second Secrets

Every change, big or small, matters and makes a difference to the way we live, think and feel. As a nutritionist and naturopath, Julie sees many clients with major health issues that may not have arisen had they made some simple changes earlier.

The Complete Food Makeover

Transform all your favourite meals ─ chips, pizza, sticky date pudding ─ into healthy but equally delicious versions of themselves with this makeover book. Packed full of recipes tips and strategies from nutrition guru, Julie Maree Wood, The Complete Food Makeover, will take your diet from fat to fab without your tastebuds noticing…